Healthy Breakfast

Indian healthy breakfast drinks

After a long time, i got this from Amazon M.R. Healthy Eats.. Sathumavu
It’s easy to prepare just in few minutes.. We need someone to remind us of our age old healthy drinks.. Saw vidhya’s kanji healthy breakfast drink post. u can check in this below link

Just got this n prepared it in my style..

Take the required amt of the powder and add water to it.

Mix it well as there should be no lumps in it!!keep it on the stove top n keep stirring for few minutes…Then add buttermilk/milk with salt/panamkarkandu/honey/without any sweetner too. The Individual’s Choice…  yummy n healthy breakfast drink.. Make it and njoy!!

Milk mixed with moringa powder too makes us active throughout the day… we get different kinds of moringa powder which can be mixed with rice, milk/smoothies etc.. so, pls note while buying the product. thnk u!

Kanjimavu is generally prepared from ragi n other millets. Usually, this is the first solid we used to give the kids kanji mavu prepared with ragi.. I gave it for my son too…

U can take these both along with a cup of boiled/cooked veggies.. A wholesome breakfast meal!


hope you all enjoy this post.. C u soon!!

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