Gokulashtami 2020

Always excited about the festival times… And today, our next festival
is here..”Krishna Jayanthi”, “Gokulashtami”, “Sri Krishna Jayanthi” and
“Janmashtami”.. These are the few names by which they call this festival as…

Krishna Steps

Kolams are just a part of our celebration painted with “Kaavi” color means it’s a
festival or for some special event happening at respective homes..
Just Reminiscing about the travel trips to “Mathura” and “ChannaPatna” – Navaneetha
Krishna Temple, Karnataka.. Left side kept is navaneetha krishnar.Golden days they were!!
Lines from a tamil cinema song-
“avaravar vaazhkaiyil….
“Adhu oru azhagiya kanaa kaalam
(அது  ஒரு அழகிய கனா காலம்)- Lovely song from tamil film “Paandavar Bhoomi”
Krishna idols

I made Neivedyams-

  1. Inipu/sweeet/Jaggery seedai
  2. Uppu seedai
  3. Button thattai

All recipes are from @revathyshanmugam mam’s youtube channel..
Easy and yum recipes.. Recipes for seedai was wonderful…

No breakage/spluttering across…
It was yumm… Enjoyed doing it a lot..

May Lord Krishna Bless us all for a peaceful life ahead!!!

See you all in my next post.. have a great time!!

9 thoughts on “Gokulashtami 2020

      1. Thank you. Sure we must ask 🙂

        I updated your link in my post
        More to Krishna readers
        They may find your experience

        We all add little drops into the ocean of Krishna consciousness! 🙂

        Cheers. 💮💮🌹🌺🙏

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